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Deluxe Facial designed for you

I receive regular facials, not just any old facial, but a custom facial designed for my skin's needs and goals. I love our deluxe or platinum facial with mild chemical peel exfoliation, micro channeling, Microcurrent, and LED therapy.

The beautiful thing about our facials is that they can be completely customized to what the client wants to get out of it. If you are like me and want to see immediate results then adding elements like micro channeling for serum absorption, microcurrent for strengthening the muscles, chemical peels for added exfoliation and brightening, and LED therapy for healing and killing bacteria.

Facials are not just for relaxing, that should be the plus to them, but they should help address skin conditions and they are not one size fits all.

I would never use a chemical peel on a client that has never received a facial before or someone who doesn't wear spf. Allowing upgrades also keeps the clients budget into perspective.

We hope you try one of our amazing facials and if you are a new client receive

15% off your first treatment.

xx- Blake

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