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What is Korean Skincare, and what's the hype?

I have been in the skincare industry for 14 years and throughout the years skincare has had it's moments with trends... I definitely do not like the trends within our industry because they make a big statement and then quickly lose steam.

Korean skincare IMO is not a trend it's just recently new to the United States. Their thoughts on how to care for the skin makes so much more sense than our traditional methods here in the US.

Hydration is their #1 priority for all skin conditions. I love this, you can fix so many skin conditions with keeping the skin properly hydrated from the inside out.

In the US acids, peeling and drying out the skin is the priority with a lot of skincare brands, including acne brands. That is such an old school approach that honestly does more harm than good.

Korean skincare is such a beautiful way to care for your skin, and recently I have made the transition away from the traditional thinking and now Intergrated Korean Skincare into my own routine but also at my skin clinic.

Hydration serums, masques, liquid microneedling therapy, oils and gentle products are very effective for healing the skin's barrier and creating amazing results.

Some of my favorite professional Korean Brands are, KRX, Corthe, Dermathod and more to come.

Try one of our newest treatments:

  • Green Sea Peel

  • Cryo Therapy

  • Lazer Peel

  • Glow Peel

  • Clear Peel

  • Cell Story Liquid Microneedling

  • Enzyme Therapy

  • Omega Green Micro channeling

  • Salmon PDRN Micro channeling

Ugh I can't express how amazing these services are, and the multiple benefits they have for all skin types.

xx- Blake

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